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What is a modular tank system?

Modular tanks are generally used below ground for the storage of foul and surface water.  They consist of prefabricated sections that can be assembled on site and configured to meet the layout of the design. The tanks are supplied complete with precast concrete base, wall and roof panels, which can be solid or slatted to allow water inflow.

In choosing an appropriate tank system, the specifier should consider structural design, water quality requirements, hydraulic design, installation cost and whole life cost, space constraints,  ease and speed of construction, sustainability, maintenance requirements and asset service life.

Precast concrete modular tanks are available with a range of fittings.


Precast Concrete Modular Tank applications include:

  • Surface water storage and attenuation
  • Rainwater recycling storage
  • Waste water treatment (e.g. filtration, aeration, sludge, slurry)
  • CSO Chambers


Why use precast concrete modular tanks?

  • Faster construction time (quick installation; reduced cure time) compared with in-situ
  • Lower plant and labour costs
  • Precast concrete is strong and durable, providing asset owners with low whole life costs and a proven service life of more than 100 years.
  • Precast concrete modular tanks are a low carbon, sustainable product made from local materials that can be recycled end of life.
  • Precast concrete modular tanks can be designed to withstand loadings and in shallow or deep fill installations.
  • Precast concrete modular tanks require minimal maintenance, preserving structural integrity and hydraulic efficiency.
  • Precast concrete modular tanks can be manufactured with many different features.
  • The self-weight of precast modular tanks provides natural resistance to flotation in high groundwater and during flooding.

For more information about Precast Concrete Modular Tank Systems, please contact a BPDA member.

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