Concrete Pipes

Precast Concrete Soakaways


What are Soakaways?

Soakaways are below ground configurations designed to allow surface water to infiltrate into the ground. Typically, excavations are filled with aggregates or other filter media, often encased within a chamber or tank with perforations, that enable the water to soak effectively into the ground. The water must pass into the ground quickly enough to cope with the amount of rainfall anticipated in the design. The soakaway should be located in an area that will not cause problems with foundations or other structures.

Why use precast concrete soakaways?

  • Precast concrete soakaways are strong, robust and proven with a long service life.
  • They can provide easy access for maintenance.
  • When suitably designed, they can be located in trafficked areas and withstand loads transferred directly onto them from the surface.

For more information on precast concrete soakaways, please contact a BPDA member.

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