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Road Gullies

What is a Road Gully?

Road gullies are drainage components that can form part of a surface water management system. They are set below the road surface and located adjacent to the kerb side. Gullies are a flexible solution for a wide range of applications. This includes car parks, other hard standing areas and also form part of a sustainable drainage system (SuDS).

An open grating and frame assembly is constructed within the drainage surface over the gully. Intercepting surface water runoff that then passes into and through the gully.

Road gullies are a drainage component that have an outlet connection above the base of the unit. This allows silt and other solid material to separate out and collect in the sump below the outlet. This helps to prevent blockages occurring downstream within the pipeline. It also helps remove some pollutants that can attach to the silt particles collected in the sump.

It is important that road gullies are regularly maintained to ensure optimum efficiency.

Why use a Precast Concrete Road Gully?

  • They are strong, durable and proven with a long service life.
  • They are not prone to flotation in flood and high groundwater situations and can be installed without ballasting during construction.
  • Installation of precast concrete road gullies is a simple & straightforward process and does not require complicated, time consuming or costly designs.
  • They are designed to carry the traffic loads transferred directly from the grating and frame assembly.
  • They are heavy duty and can withstand highway maintenance activities and resurfacing works, subject to appropriate measures.
  • They are versatile and can be used with a variety of pipe connections.

For more information about precast high quality concrete road gullies, please contact a BPDA member.

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