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Flow control chambers

What is a Flow Control Chamber?

Flow control chambers are part of a surface water drainage system and can be used to manage discharges from new developments. They may also be retro-fitted to existing systems. The chamber accommodates a choice of flow controls and combinations and is designed to mitigate the risk of flooding, erosion and environmental damage.

Why use precast concrete flow control chambers?

  • They are a strong and durable offsite solution with a proven long service life.
  • They are not prone to flotation in flood and high groundwater situations and can be installed without ballasting during construction.
  • They are designed to carry the traffic loads transferred directly from the access cover/frame which means that installation of precast concrete flow control chambers is a simple and straightforward process.
  • They can be installed using conventional methods and unlike some other materials, do not need complicated construction design details that are complicated and costly to build.
  • They are versatile and can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit the specifics of a design.

For more information about flow control chambers, please contact a contact a BPDA member.

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