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What are Elliptical Concrete Pipes?

An elliptical concrete pipe has an elliptical cross-section and is typically used as part of a drainage system for the conveyance of foul and surface water. It can also be used for attenuation storage and controlled release of surface water. Elliptical concrete pipes can be used with the major axis (widest part) laid horizontally or vertically and are typically used in situations where a traditional circular pipe may not provide the required hydraulic performance or where there are limitations on construction depth or width, for example due to other services located adjacent to the pipe run.

Why Use Precast Concrete Elliptical Pipes?

  • Precast concrete is strong and highly durable, providing asset owners with a reassuringly long service life and low whole life costs.
  • Precast concrete is a low carbon, sustainable material made from local materials that can be recycled end of life.
  • Elliptical concrete pipes can be designed to withstand full highway loadings and constructed with minimal depth of cover.
  • When laid with the major axis vertical, secondary inverting with a low flow channel may not be necessary.
  • In common with circular precast concrete pipes, a full surround of granular material is not always required, resulting in reduced installation costs and lower environmental impacts.

For more information about Elliptical Concrete Pipes, please contact a BPDA member.

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