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Precast Concrete Catch Pits

Precast Concrete Catch Pit

What are Catch Pits?

Catch Pits are access chambers for surface water drainage systems with an integral sump below the outlet invert level to allow for the collection and settlement under gravity of silt and other solid matter washed from the drainage catchment surface. As such, they can help reduce downstream blockages.

Why use Precast Concrete Catch Pits?

  • Precast concrete Catch Pits adopt offsite manufacturing principles.
  • They are safer to construct and can significantly reduce the amount of construction time, which may include operating in a confined space below ground level.
  • The advantage of reduced construction time often translates into installed cost savings.
  • Precast concrete catch pits are water tight systems using similar principles to precast manhole systems.
  • Precast concrete Catch Pits can be supplied to fit pipes of varying materials and sizes.
  • Precast concrete is highly adaptable and can help future-proof new construction. Existing Catch Pits can often be retro-fitted with connections from new development.
  • Precast concrete is strong and highly durable, providing asset owners with a reassuringly long service life and low whole life costs.
  • Precast concrete is a low carbon, sustainable material made from local materials that can be recycled end of life.

For more information about precast concrete Catch Pits, please contact a BPDA member.

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