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Marshalls’ Box culvert attenuation tank installed in record time for industrial units in Skelton-in-Cleveland, Teesside

Two week was the time it took Castlehouse Construction to install the 250m3 box-culvert attenuation tank serving three industrial units at Skelton-in-Cleveland, Teesside.

The Marshalls box culvert attenuation tank was installed under the car park serving the three building materials and tool supplier business. Casltehouse Construction's £7 million contract included construction of the entire retail park area and Marshalls' MC2010 precast concrete box culverts were chosen as the best option for surface water and rainwater attenuation. 32 precast box culverts units were laid in a double run to create the underground attenuation tank. With a Design Life of 120 years, the units would offer a long-lasting solution capable of undertaking various loads from trucks and other HGVs expected to use the car park on a frequent basis.

The attenuation tank was installed in no more than a week, with another week to finalise and finish the entire job. Billy Fairhurst, Marshalls' Business Development Manager (Special Projects) referred to the fact that almost two thirds of the units used were already available from stock "Being able to use a stock product allowed us to speed up the programme". Only around 12 box culvert units were bespoke or required some customisation to meet the project's requirements.

Castlehouse Construction Project Manager, Dave Crozier, praised Marshalls Civils & Drainage for their support throughout the process, "Marshalls Kept us fully up-to-date with the manufacture of the specials and provided helpful advice to make the installation easier". In addition to the car park, the project also included some soft and hard landscaping.

For more information on the project, please visit Marshalls website here. You can also find out more about box culverts' use in stormwater attenuation here.

Published on 30th September 2021

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