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Notice: This news piece was created prior to the formation of the British Precast Drainage Association.

Getting on with SuDS” Conference

Getting on with SuDS” Conference
SuDSsource is holding a two-day national conference on the 20 and 21 June at the Oxford Belfry Hotel, near Thame, Oxfordshire. The “Getting on with SuDS”” Conference is intended to bring together the experience of those already implementing SuDS around the country. It aims to consolidate guidance in the context of the draft National Standards and 2010 Flood and Water Management Act. It will explore the real implications of well-designed SuDS schemes and dispel myths, providing support for practitioners, local authorities, SuDS Approving Bodies (SABS), developers and their consultants. For registration and more information please visit

Published on 30th November -0001

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