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Concrete Pipe Structural Calculator Updated

The concrete pipe structural design calculator, an online tool used by thousands of engineers every year, has been updated to the new national pipeline design methodology in BS 9295:2020.

BS 9295, first published 11 years ago as a complementary guidance to European Standard EN 1295, became the main national pipeline structure design standard in the UK when it was revised and published last year. Significant changes were introduced to the design of both rigid and flexible pipeline systems. This has prompted a revamp of our structural design calculator. The calculator can now enable pipeline design calculations based on both, wide and narrow trench conditions. The Design Load tables associated with the calculator were also updated and aligned with Eurocode loading requirements. In line with BS 9295, the new calculator only accounts for two main types of conditions overground: “Main Road” and “Field”. We have also made the calculator more user- friendly and calculation results can now be exported in a PDF or Excel document format.

The new structural calculator can be found at the BPDA website here:

For more information on BS 9295:2020 and how it has affected the structural design of concrete pipeline systems, please visit this blog at BPDA website:

Published on 16th November 2021

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