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British standard on structural design of buried pipelines revised

British standard on structural design of buried pipelines revised

The standard on structural design of buried pipelines, BS 9295, has been revised and is due for publication later this month. BS 9295 used to be a complementary national guidance standard to European standard EN 1295-1. However, in March, most of the main pipeline structural design methodology clauses within the European standard were removed and EN 1295-1 now simply refers to national standards, such as BS 9295, for information on structural design of pipelines. BS 9295 now includes all relevant design information for all types of buried pipelines in the UK, including pipelines made of rigid, semi-flexible and flexible pipes.

The new revision brings structural design methods into line with contemporary design practice, with new traffic loading consistent to Eurocode standard BS EN 1991-2(traffic loads on bridges) and new design methods and formulas introduced for both rigid and flexible pipeline systems (including concrete, clay and plastic sewer pipeline systems). It is expected that all new versions of industry specifications, such as highways England’s HA 40 and Sewers for Adoption, will now refer to the new standard.

Published on 4th November 2019

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