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Aqua-SlotTM offers a durable, effective drainage solution for the M6

In their quest to find a suitable drainage solution, which can be rapidly installed at their M6 J13-J15 upgrade scheme, Kier Highways worked closely with Stanton Bonna to develop an offsite linear drainage system called the Stanton Bonna Aqua-Slot TM Drain.

Kier Highways was faced with a challenge in their M6 J13-16 upgrade. Their traditional manufacturing method for surface water slot drains used in-situ concrete slip-forming, a process which can be considerably time-consuming, leading to significant delays due to the extended partial highway closure, and vulnerable to weather conditions. In-situ concrete also meant more trades, deliveries, traffic, and workforce on site. Kier Highways wanted a solution that enabled them to have more control over the project’s time and schedule. It was evident to Kier Highways, especially after discussions with Stanton Bonna Business Development Manager, Neil O’Sullivan, that an offsite solution was the way to go.

The discussion with Stanton Bonna led to a decision to replace the in-situ concrete slipform system with an offsite precast concrete system which can be mass produced and rapidly installed for such Motorway upgrade schemes. The M6 project was just a start for such a new system in constructing slot drains in highways.

As the scheme required up to 31km of Aqua-slot TM Drain, it was necessary to get early input from the client, design team and Stanton Bonna, allowing mass production to start far ahead of on site installation. The factory production programme was tightly aligned to the scheme’s requirements. As the Aqua-Slot TM Drain units are manufactured in Stanton Bonna’s factory in Derbyshire, the central UK location was ideal for the direct, just in time delivery to site. The units were then rapidly installed on site at a speed of around 200m per day, with almost no delays due weather conditions.

Kier Highways’ project director, Richard French, was very pleased with the offsite winning formula employed with Aqua-Slot. He noted that the “…Outputs are better than expected and we are very pleased with the product. Any reduction in trades and numbers in what is a very constrained environment has to be seen as a positive”.

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Published on 26th January 2021

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