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FP McCann FP McCann is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of precast concrete drainage systems, supplying quality managed products to the building and civil engineering sectors. In recognition that off-site manufactured products are key to consistency in quality and increased productivity on site, FP McCann has developed and launched a range of innovative products. The Easi-Cast range consists of precast products designed to aid the construction of concrete pipe drainage systems in a speedy, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner, lowering construction costs and delivering the client greater value for money.

Products include a WRc Approved prefabricated benched and channelled manhole base unit that can be installed in a matter of minutes; flow chambers, catch pits, headwalls and storm attenuation systems, all designed to capture and control the discharge of water to the benefit of the local environment.

We have the design expertise and engineering capability within our tunnelling team based at Cadeby to offer shaft segments, cover slabs and tunnel linings in addition to jacking pipes, caissons and box culverts.
Our modern manufacturing plants at Alnwick (Northumberland), Ellistown (Leicester), Cadeby (Warks), Telford (Shropshire) and Knockloughrim (Northern Ireland) all incorporate the very latest in computerised batching, distribution, casting and handling systems ensuring the highest quality products.

FP McCann products comply with accredited quality assurance schemes and meet the relevant British and European standards, with products kitemarked as appropriate. FP McCann business operations are conducted under the auspices of an Integrated Management System encompassing Health & Safety, Quality, and Environment accredited to OHSAS 18001:2007, BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

The FP McCann product range is given in the table below:

Precast Concrete Drainage Systems Water Management Tunnels and Shafts Infrastructure and Power Railway Fencing
DN 300 - DN 2400 Spigot and Socket pipes Storm Attenuation Tanks Smoothbore Tunnel and Shaft Segments Power Cable Ducts and Troughs Power and Communication Troughs and Lids (Straights/Curves /Transitions/Tees) Light-Weight Fencing Posts and Panels (Fenn-Lite)
DN 900 - DN 4000 Manhole Chambers/Soakaways and accessories Hydrodynamic Separators Shaft Cover and Landing Slabs Telecommunication Junction Boxes Network Rail Platform Copings Slotted/Morticed/Recessed Posts
DN 1200 and DN 1500 Wide Wall (130mm) Manhole Chamber Rainwater Harvesting Units Caisson Shaft Units Protective Screen Walls London Underground Nosing Slabs Chain Link/Cranked Top Security Posts
Manhole Fall Arrest System Flow Chambers/Hydro-Valve Jacking Pipes   Off Set Tactile Paving Universal Posts/Repair Spurs
House Inspection Chambers (HIC's) Flow Controller     Oversail Blocks Screed Rails and Bollards
Road Gullies and Slabs        
DN 1200 Polypropylene lined Easi-Base          
DN 1500 and DN 1800 unlined Easi-Base        
DN 1050 Sealed Sump Catch Pit        
Headwalls and Silt Traps (DN 150 -DN900 Pipe)        
Flow Chambers/Hydro-Valve Flow Controller        
Box Culverts        


UK Main Office
FP McCann
Whitehill Road
LE67 1ET
Tel: 01530 240000
Fax: 01530 240013

Head Office
FP McCann
3 Drumard Road
Northern Ireland
BT45 8QA
Tel: 028 7964 2558
Fax: 028 7964 4224

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